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Stephanie Ann Stevens was born with her spiritual connection intact. She began transmitting the OMEGA at age 5 and could see the blue of the Blessed Mother at age 6.


Her life, music and art have been a series of amazing miracles that have all brought

her to a place of unique universal understanding and a deep connection with God.


Stephanie is considered a mystic as many have experienced illuminating levels of light through the power of the cosmic OMEGA and powerful healing force that hits the body to awaken the sleeping spirit to God.


In 2012, Stephanie RETIRED from mediumship.

However she does mediumship readings by special request only.


She now works closely with  "Heaven's Mark"a companion who passed into Spirit in October of 2013. She is also focused on her spiritual music career.

"My goals are to help other people spiritually, to connect them to God"


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KindleEdition  & Paperback

"Heaven Is Real" Click here to play

The song "Heaven Is Real" was

written for Heaven's Mark (My Karate Angel)

Angel Intuitive