The VERITAS Research Program at the University of Arizona was created primarily to test the hypothesis that the consciousness (or personality or identity) of a person survives physical death.


In October 2006, having completed all nine of the VERITAS laboratory steps, Stephanie became an official Integrative Research Medium. She continued to play an active role in active research until the program came to an end.


In January of 2008, the VERITAS Research Program, as it existed prior to 2008, was closed and the research was expanded into a broader, more comprehensive, spiritual communication project named the SOPHIA Research Program.


 The Forever Family Foundation Medium Certification Program is a science-based examination of the ability of a specific medium to bring forth information without the use of fraudulent or deceptive means.


Based upon a composite scoring system each medium is exposed to a variety of sitters, and their performance is evaluated both in traditional and non-traditional  communication. The sitter selection is controlled to ensure that none of the mediums has any prior access to the sitter or any information about them.


Stephanie received a  Certificate of standing  with the Forever Family Foundation in October of 2006 and was awarded  a  Certificate Of Proficiency in the ability of Spirit Communication through means that are neither deceptive nor fraudulent. Stephanie has volunteered her time in mediumship raffles and fund raising, and radio in support of the foundation.


In January 2012, Stephanie received a Letter of Recognition having successfully completed a comprehensive evaluation of her abilities at the Windbridge Institute and became a certified medium on Forever Family Foundation's esteemed list of practitioners.



The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential is an independent research organization consisting of a community of scientists of varied backgrounds, specialties, and interests investigating what our bodies, minds, and spirits are capable of and how that information can best serve all living things.


Stephanie was invited by Dr. Julie Bieschel, PhD, director of research, to participate as research medium. Having completed the 8-step screening and  training process, Stephanie became a Windbridge Certified Research Medium in February 2008.She  became a Level 3 Windbridge Certified Medium in Feb 2009. In 2011 she became a Level 4 Certified Medium  She will continue to donate her time to further the important research efforts of Windbridge.



 The SOPHIA Project

Stephanie was invited by Dr. Gary Schwartz, PhD, project director, to participate in the SOPHIA Project.


The purpose of this study is to investigate the experiences of people who claim to channel or  communicate with Deceased People, Spirit Guides,

Angels, Other-Worldly Entities / Extraterrestrials, and / or a Universal Intelligence / God. The ultimate objective is to investigate if these communications can be validated under controlled conditions.