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The OMEGA is an energy force used for healing and protection.


Stephanie Ann Stevens gives us a powerful glimpse into divine healing in this book. Stephanie receives guidance and care from Heaven's Mark who was a close friend to her during his lifetime. Read the background of Omega healing plus inspirational stories and testimonials.

THE POWER OF "The Omega"

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My Karate Angel  details the self, spirit, tragedies and triumphs through the eyes of  a remarkably gifted individual. My family is fortunate to know the love, kindness and warmth of Stephanie Ann Stevens; as you too will learn that Stephanie’s personal sacrifice and dedication to others knows no bounds…

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"Heaven Is Real" Click here to play

The song "Heaven Is Real" was

written for Heaven's Mark (My Karate Angel)


Stephanie Ann. Stevens Info Site  by Jerry Pippin


Includes three separate recorded interviews (downloadable podcasts) with

Stephanie that include more information on her gifts, prophecies around

major events and much more.


Jerry Pippin interviews Stephanie about her new book Growing Up


Stephanie has been both a guest and longtime host of metaphysical radio shows, including her most recent

production (currently on hiatus), Premonitions,

Prophesies and Predictions.