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Welcome and Thank You!


Stephanie and Heavens Mark offers OMEGA healing and mediumship readings as well as house clearing/cleaning services. They requires no information about anyone or anything regarding their health or situation, not even a name is needed. This is how she has always worked.


Contact me at:

(Please leave a very brief voice mail and please NO text messages, thank you!)


General Hours of Availability  (subject to change without notice)

Available by phone and in person by special request.

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, 8am -2:30pm MST

Sat, 7am -10am MST

Recommended Payment Option: To make payment PayPal Send Money, go to your paypal

account  go to money section  send money.  3 options will appear.  click on Friends and Family

link enter enter amount in section that says add amount. such as 50.00.

Then it sends right away no fee taken. Stephanie will notify you  immediately after payment is received, and will schedule you in. Note: this is the easiest way to pay for readings/healings.


Payments are accepted via PayPal only at this time. Sorry, no personal checks accepted

OMEGA Healing Sessions                                                     Cost

 5 Minutes                                        $25.00


15 Minutes                                       $50.00


30 Minutes                                     $100.00


60 Minutes                                     $200.00

OMEGA Healing Sessions


OMEGA is a powerful healing force. In the bible it is known as the sound and voice of many waters and it

reverberates around us at all times. Stephanie and Heavens Mark has been divinely gifted ability with the ability to pull the OMEGA from source and then send it to those in need of healing. Many have felt the OMEGA in

the form of a tingle or warmth as it traverses through their physical body.


OMEGA healing sessions are completed at a distance. You will receive the OMEGA  as well as an e-mail

following your session, informing you Stephanie and Heavens Mark has sent the OMEGA to you and what

time it was sent.

Many people ask whether they need to "do" anything themselves to prepare. You do not need to do

anything, except have an open mind and heart. The OMEGA is  not limited to time and space.



* Please note:   Stephanie Ann Stevens  is not  a practicing Medium or a medical doctor,

    Including the  OMEGA healing sessions, are not a substitute for traditional or regular medical

    care nor does Stephanie Ann Stevens claim to heal every person. If you are ill and  need

    medical attention, it is highly recommended that you seek care from your health care provider