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What is the OMEGA?


Stephanie describes the OMEGA as the sound and light of God. Guided by the Blessed Mother, this sacred gift from God allows Stephanie to hear the energy as a spiritual and kinetic force and broadcast it out of her body at will.


When she is sending the OMEGA to an individual for healing,

she simply says "It's on". Although unaware of what it is, her

spiritual awareness is also heightened during the process.


The OMEGA has the ability to heal both physically, mentally

and spiritually.


In 2013, Stephanie began working with "Heaven's Mark".




Rich Berra Radio DJ radio personality 93.7 KRQ

The OMEGA is something  that cannot be explained, you have to experience it. It takes you through dimensions you never knew existed.. connects the spiritual dots.


Pastor Rod. C. Davis  "that which I have experienced receiving the energy of the OMEGA is nothing short of miraculous"


Montrese Client: on Sister her mare she had tried for 20 years to help lose weight)  since she has been receiving the OMEGA things have shifted she moves much lighter. The weight was affecting her.. Thank you!!

Pics available on weight loss community from the OMEGA on Facebook)


Heaven's Mark is the extordinary Mark AJ Kofler, state Karate Champ, counselor and upcoming military hero.

In 1981, Mark was in a tragic car accident that put him into a wheelchair.


Fate led Mark to Stephanie in 2010 when she predicted herself into his life as his coming mate during two phone readings. They met for the first time in 2011 and Stephanie became his caregiver. She remained his companion

until he entered heaven in Oct 2013. Keeping his promise to help Stephanie from the other side, the two have now joined forces and work together as visionaries, and spiritual healers sending the OMEGA.

Who is Heaven's Mark?