At the age of three, Stephanie became aware of other dimensions.

As a child of six in Boulder, Colorado, she was taught Yogic

meditation by her parents. Recognizing her spiritual talents,

Stephanie's mother took her to meet notable professionals such as

the world-renowned parapsychologist, Hazel Denning.and

At the age of 21  she became a professional clairvoyant. In 1997,

she did her first mediumship reading. In 1999, Stephanie was

tested by Dr. Andrew Weil for her medical intuitive abilities and

made a very favorable impression. In October 2006, she became

an Integrative Research Medium with the VERITAS Research

Program at the University of Arizona as well as a Certified

Medium  with a Certificate of standing from the  Forever Family

Foundation. Stephanie has been awarded a Certificate Of

Profieciency in the Ability Of Spirit Communication through

means that are neither deceptive nor fraudulent by The Forever

Family Foundation.

Medium with the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential and is a participant in Dr. Gary Schwartz's new program, the Sophia Project at the University of Arizona.


Although retired for mediumship in 2012, Stephanie was a one of a group of mediums participating in mediumship experiments for Open  SourceScience, Headed up by Alex Tasarkis Host of Skeptico. Stephanie works in the spiritual heavenly realm and embodies Angelic abilities. Most notable of these abilities is the Divine healing OMEGA. Stephanie is able to contact and interact with the

OMEGA while hearing it at the same time.


She can then project it, at will, to those in need of physical, mental  or

spiritual healing. Other Angelic gifts include continuous sight of her

Blessed Mother and olfactory senses that enable her to detect everything

from pregnancy to cancer, even at a physical distance through email,

telephone or radio.


Stephanie's gift of the Divine OMEGA enables her to see, hear and feel

with expanded consciousness, and through that meditative state, to enter

a realm of the Divine Stephanie receives Angel Writings. These  Angel

Writings are prophetic and have often come to pass in just hours.


In 2011, Stephanie's beloved husband, Jack, passed on.

In 2012, Stephanie RETIRED from mediumship and psychic readings

to focus on her spiritual music career. She continues to offer OMEGA

healing and house clearing services.